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Termite Inspections

Our services include a full range of building inspections, dispute resolution (mediation) and expert witness representation.

Termites and other pests

Termites and other wood destroying insects such as beetles can do massive damage to a home and greatly impact its value. In humid areas where termites are a problem, it's not unusual to find many homes that have been virtually hollowed out.

How do I prevent termite infestation?

There are many steps you can take to assist in preventing an infestation, if you know what termites look for and take steps to make your home less attractive to them.

Termites are ground insects that look for habitats that provide food, moisture and shelter close to the ground. Any place where wood meets ground qualifies, especially if the soil in that area stays moist. Correcting this situation may require re-grading to separate soil from any wood around your home. Since mulch and many other landscaping materials cause the soil to remain moist, you should make sure to minimize mulching around your foundation. Some experts recommend mulching no closer than a foot from your home’s foundation. Make sure that gutters and down pipes are in good condition and keep moisture from accumulating against the home. You should also make sure to eliminate any moisture problems in and around your home, especially in bathrooms and under the home.

If you suspect your home may have termites or if you would just like the peace of mind that a professional inspection can offer, please contact me. As a Qualified Pest Management Technician I can perform thorough inspections for termites and other wood destroying organisms. The home buying process can be confusing and stressful. Not only do you need to consider things such as price and location, you also have to worry about whether the house itself has any surprises that can be a problem that could become costly down the road.

Termite damage

Termite damage

A building inspection revealed damage caused by termites.


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